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Perfect Cuts
Brian & Linda Slade- nicknamed the "perfect tree". 2011
Michael, Jill, Michaele & Sam Barich- 2011.
The Davis Family tree- 2011.
The Graner Family tree- 2011.
The Lutz Family tree #1! 2011
The Lutz Family tree #2! 2011
Jim and Jacquie Phillips' 50th Anniversary tree (and 14th from Shelton's): In memory of all their past dogs. 2011
Erik, Renyel & Alan Shelton's tree- 2011
Ted & Christy La Vigne
Alan Shelton with his Concolor Fir- 2012
The Aguilar tree- 2012
Silvara Vineyards in Peshastin, WA picked a beauty!  Their 2012 Christmas display was featured in the Wenatchee World.
The Roth's tree- 2012...first visit to our farm!
Murdoch's tree- 2012.  Thanks Keely!
Shana & Jeremie Walton- 2012
Peter Smith's glowing beauty- 2012.
The Schroeder family crew are Christmas tree pros- we got this 21 ft tree on the back of their SUV and they got it inside and even have an inside pulley to hoist her up!  Impressive! 2012

Bear Mountain Lodge, Leavenworth
The Flores' Family tree
Schmauder Family!
Our grandson, Alan, with his tree!
The Devine family tree looks, well, divine!
Henken Family tree
First year for the Pogue family at the farm!
Cassidy Goodman
Jessica Webley
Ted & Christy La Vigne
The Henkins Family
The Noemi Mercado-Flores Family
"The Seahawk Tree" Austin Moser's Family Tree
Shana Sparks Family
Cassidy Goodman Family
Wendy Lane Hulse Family
Lisa Marie Griffith Family
Heather Smith Family
The Mike & Jillian Roth Family
Star Wars Theme By Eli Woods Family
The Johnson Tree
Photo by Nikki Cox
Doretha & Danny Aguilar
Emily Elaine Kollman Family
Joann Garces Family
Mary Ginther's Family Tree
Jitka Garza Family
Kelly Stewart Family
Patty Branca Family
Frank Campbell Grandkids
Brenda Robison Family
Kris Vickery Family
Christy Shearer Family
Lindsay Overton Family
Jan Flatten Family
Lindsay Overton Family
Lynn & Dave Deisenroth
Holy Apostles Catholic Church, East Wenatchee
The magical tree at The Enzian in Leavenworth!
Bear Mountain Lodge
The Lindsay Woods Family
Lake Stevens, WA
The Nathan & Rachel West Family
Joshua Price Family Tree
Enzian Inn, Leavenworth