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Shelton's Christmas Tree Farm!
Bob (owner) takes some kids for a ride!
Typical traveling style of cutters, Erik Shelton & Andy Hendrickson.
Erik (left) and Andy (right) after a busy Saturday of tree cutting.
Bob leaves the cutting and hauling to the young workers while he tends to "dog duties"!
Helping load one of the Apostles Church's trees.
Another big one!
2009- Holy Apostles Catholic Church picked up 5 rather large trees!
Load 'er up!
1 out of the 6 trees for Holy Apostles Church
Took more than just a couple workers to load the Schroeder tree!  See the finished product on our Perfect Cuts page!
Andy and Erik take a request to cut this tree shorter.  Customized trees at no charge!
Bob ties down two trees on one rig.
Tree-cutters Scott, Bob and Erik, just loaded the tree on the right
Bob, just dropped off one tree and getting ready to go cut another
We have trees of all sizes
The Tree Farmers
We love our valley
Bob & Paula's (owners) house looks over the trees.
We love our view!
Welcome to Shelton's Tree Farm!
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The Busy Workers
Views of the Farm- Springtime
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Views of the Farm- Winter
It's beautiful here in the winter.
Remember to bundle up!
Head of the farm #1- Precious.  He's not too sure about this "white stuff."
Picking out a tree is fun for all!
Can't beat the scenery around here after a fresh snow fall!
Thank you, Michael from McGlinn's in Wenatchee, WA for the beautiful images from his visit to our farm in 2012.
Views of the Farm- Fall
The fall air is crisp and cool
We love the fall colors surrounding the farm.
Fall view of the house
Kyra is 10 and Chloe is 4, they love to hunt for the perfect tree year after year.  The highlight for Chloe is driving the tractor.  Thanks for the great memories.
Shalene Nelson
Badger Mnt, WA
2008- Kyra (10) & Chloe (4) pick out their family tree.
2008- Bob gives Chloe a tractor ride!
2011- Fun with the WHOLE family!  Just bring a leash and plastic baggy!
2011- The Boyle Family found their tree!
2011- This is how it's done, folks!  Mr. Boyle straps their treasure down to haul it home.
Col Murdoch found his perfect tree- 2012.
Gillingham daughters from NY, San Diego, Redwood City
Mike & Jillian Roth, Son Hayden and Daughter Kylie. In front Alan Shelton
McDanold  photo shoot
Ms Brodi Winn delivering her tree to her parents car
Alan Shelton helping his Vale Elementary School classmates with their tree
Kollman Family
Photo by Sebastion Moraga
What Do You Have to Say
About Shelton's Tree Farm?
Families at the Farm - Please send pictures of your visit to our farm!
Thanks for the great trees.  We have been to your farm three years in a row and have enjoyed each tree.
Jeremie, Shana, Tanner & Hayden Walton

...our first year purchasing from Shelton Farm.  You had an excellent selection -- we'll see ya next year!

Kristy Olsen

The tree is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you for doing what you do ;-)

Shakti (Shakti's Fine Dining)

Thank you for having the most beautiful trees.  PS: All our neighbors said it was the "perfect tree".

Brian & Linda Slade
We always enjoy our trip out to the farm...

Jane, Jayna & Nalu Davis
...our 2011 concolor the 14th concolor fir we have bought from your tree farm. We decorated it this year with angel wings and red hearts with the names of all our dogs that have passed on over the years. It is a very special tree this year. It is our 50th Christmas tree, because we've been married 50 years.  Thank you for all the beautiful trees.

Jim and Jacquie Phillips
See what fun can be had picking out a fresh tree! Send us your pictures!
Farm Photos
Can't get a tree anywhere else now because the kids love walking around and picking out the perfect one. Thanks for having such a great place!!

Mike Henken
Image above by Michael - McGlinn's
Kady Johnson & Family make some memories