Shelton's Christmas Tree Farm was started by Gib Shelton in the 1950s.  A local scoutmaster of Troop 19, he decided to plant evergreens as a scout project.  From there it expanded into a Christmas tree farm.  He and his wife, Virginia (Vee), lived in a farm-style house (shown right) that had a lot of character to say the least.  People often referred to it as the "Gingerbread House."

Gib's son, Robert (Bob) Shelton, and his wife, Paula, built their house (now the main office) across the street in 1983 after Bob retired from the Navy.  Bob & Paula took over the farm in 1990 after Vee passed away.  Gib continued to entertain with his inventions, music, and wood carving hobbies up until his passing in 2003.

Now the infamous "Gingerbread House" is occupied by Bob & Paula's son, Erik, and his wife, Renyel.  Their son, Alan, is now the youngest cutter of the farm!

Owners, Bob & Paula Shelton
Bob & Paula's Home- Current Main Office
Original "Gingerbread House"
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