How We Operate- Fun for All!
Bring the family (or special someone) and a thermos of coffee (or hot cocoa) and enjoy the scenery as you walk through our 7 acres of Christmas trees. With thousands of trees to choose from, we know we have the perfect fit for your home!

Shelton's Tree Farm opens the first weekend of November so guests may come early and select their trees ahead of time while the weather is nice.  If you'd rather select and pick up on the same day, you may come after Thanksgiving (please see home page for current hours of operation, as this may change).  

Many of our guests take advantage of our on-site cutters when picking up their tree, but some enjoy the "old fashion tradition" of cutting it themselves as well.  We have handsaws available for our customers who choose to cut their own tree.  Sorry, but we are not allowed to loan our chainsaws to customers.  We will also supply you with twine to help you strap the tree to your vehicle if needed.  

Our trees are $100.00 (includes tax) for any kind, any size!  Once you find the ideal tree, you'll know it's available if it has 2 styrofoam circle tags on it.  Take off one of these circles off and bring it to the front office at the big house for us to reserve it for you.  Trees with only 1 circle tag or a rectangle name-tag are already sold.  We accept cash, local checks and now, for your convenience, credit cards (processing fee for cards).

If you have a reserved tree, just call the day before you wish to pick it up and we'll have it cut and ready for you by the time you arrive!

Just try to get all this at a "big-box" store!  (Plus, you know your tree wasn't cut months before it was sold to you)  

We're not just selling trees...
We're providing a family experience
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